To crash Google Chrome on purpose, simply paste about:% into the address bar. Once you do that Google Chrome will automatically crash and show you a option to restart.

Google Chrome Easter Egg, Make it Crash For Fun

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“Google is saving sensitive data and has to handle them with care” – Andreas Zeller, free translated.
According to this post on, Google’s new web Browser Chrome delivers your browsing behaviour to Google’s servers.
With installing, you get an unique ID. Like many Browsers, Chrome saves your browsing history. Unlike, its sends it to the Servers, “to improve browsing web and to make more intelligent recommendations”.
The target of Google’s Chrome is not to win the Browser-war, its targeting on improving the Web Browsers, that control these Applications better.

This says in his article. Okay. This Person says that. So if Google’s submitting our data, why do we use Chrome then? We all know this, and the people who want to browse without making their data public are protecting it! When you want your data to be protected, then protect it!

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