Free software promotes sharing, kindness and humanity towards others, which is what Ubuntu the operating system represents. Instead of illegally sharing software you know nothing about and barely trust, running into the risk of being thrown in prison, why not simply use free software? People say it’s impractical. How will a company that makes free sofware earn money and sustain? Who will work for free?To understand how to, lets consider the two simple alternatives when I write a software;

1. I’m evil. I close up the software, don’t release the source code, don’t tell anyone how it works and sell it at a high price. People will find ways around paying for my software and piracy will prevail. But I’ll earn anyway and people will abuse me if the software doesn’t work. I become greedy for more money, write some malicious code into the software to steal people’s credit card numbers and distribute it again. Since nobody has access to the source code, nobody can actually prove that their credit card numbers are being stolen. They just have a gut feeling. People start hating me and each other for sharing the software in the first place.
2. I’m not evil. I release the source code along with the software and license it using a free software license like the GNU General Public License, BSD license or MIT license.

How free software makes money!

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Theres more than just eyecandy:

It All Started With Compiz. The very first time I took what was then known as Compiz for a spin on Dapper, I could not get over how cool the experienced seemed. But after a few days, then weeks, then months, as I upgraded to Edgy, I opted to take something known as Beryl for a spin. It was supposed to have some of the cool features offered by then Compiz, but with even more effects and eye candy.

As of just last month, I finally decided that I had enough of the ‘special effects.’ My reasons were many, but the two most important ones were as follows. I run a help site for beginners looking to migrate away from Windows over to numerous flavors of Linux. Growing tired of the same questions related to the same problems, I decided that it was time for me to lead by example. I needed to make running Metacity (GNOME) cool again, without the compositing, cube spinning, and problematic silliness.
To be clear, I believe you should be using Linux for intelligent reasons: secure, free and customized to suit your needs.

:: Reviews : Is Compiz-Fusion A Good Reason To Try Linux?

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Wine-Doors Logo

Wine-Doors Logo (Image links to Website)

Wine-Doors lets you easily choose, search, install and manage Windows applications out of a list.

Wine-Doors Screenshot

Wine-Doors Screenshot

To get it, simply type:

sudo apt-get install wine-doors

More information about installation here.
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Stand up Linux Users! You are not longer bent on rebooting with Windows everytime you have to user an only-Windows application! The magic word is Virtualbox.

Virtualbox lets you run a windows system on a Ubuntu machine. At the same time.

How to install Virtualbox & Windows XP / Office 2007 in Ubuntu