USB 3.0… the super-speed high performer is born!! – TechPedia

August 19, 2008

Yes you heard it right… Gone are the days of the USB 2.0 and in comes the super duper USB 3.0 as Intel officially published the specifications for the next generation of USB’s – the USB 3.0!!

With the version 0.9 released lately, vendors can work on improving the interoperability of their USB 3.0 hardware.

USB 3.0 is an evolved version of USB 2.0 that adds up things to take the bandwidth up to 4.7Gb/s

However Intel isn’t the only company developing USB 3.0 as other big guns Texas Instruments, Microsoft, HP, NEC working on this standard.

There would surely be loads of free upgrades and facilities as this new standard initially hits the market, as in case of every software!

The USB 3.0 is expected to be the best in business by 2010.

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