The best way to configure a brand-new Ubuntu Machine

August 7, 2008

Linux is getting more and more popular. So Computers are sold with Ubuntu, or other Linux OS already installed. Thats the good thing. The bad thing is that those computers lack of configuration and updates. The best hardware isnt good when the system is not configured right.

So today i got a brand-new Computer with Ubuntu already installed on it.

Booted, the Screen Resolution was 800×600 (what looks quite bad on a 1280×1240 screen) and couldnt be set higher. The issue is that the drivers of your graphics card arent installed yet. Thats a thing the vendor could do before he sells it because many people dont have a clue about this.

The first thing you have to do when you get a new Ubuntu Machine is, connecting it to the internet and running

sudo apt-get update

in a terminal. Shortly after this is finished a notification will appear, that new updates are avalaible. It is important to install them because Kernel Updates come with them and that would be more or less required to manage the new hardware.

Then, to finally set the screen resolution higher, head to the main menu > system > System Administration and select hardware drivers. There, you should be able to check a box, to activate “restricted drivers”. Do this, let the system download and install them, reboot your computer and youre there! Youre now able to use the screen resolution you want and plus add 3D Desktop effects!


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